You Need a Boost for the Long Battles Ahead :)

The War on Auraxis is a long, epic battle. You need to be prepared for months of warfare. Keep you and your squad moving forward with Heroic Boosts.

There are two Heroic Boosts available in the Depot – a 3-Month Boost and a 6-Month Boost. Each Boost gives you 50% XP gain and 5% Squad XP gain. And, from now through Sunday, May 3, these boosts are available at 10% off their regular price. After that they will no longer be available for purchase!

Do yourself and your squad a favor, and pick up a Heroic Boost while they’re on sale. And remember, All Access Members get an additional 10% off the sale price.

Written by: Quarku

Just a simple family guy addicted to Planetside 2 :P

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