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Times are displayed in GMT+1 amsterdam, eastcoast would be 6 hours earlier, westcoast 9 hours.

  • monday 20:00- 00:00,
  • wednesday 20:00- 00:00,
  • friday 21:00- 00:00 or longer depend on my mood and the game.

Info: If you have any questions about the game regarding anything feel free to ask me, i keep track of the forums alot too so i might be able to answer questions regarding future content.

Info: I am your very average gamer.

I have been playing since I was age 12 as I remember I started with a pc with the orange dots and lines playing snake and hangman. Since then I have played console games until I found Habbo Hotel and then Navyfield. This progressed onto finding my life long friend of over 10 years Daddy1986 of which we played hours and hours of Battlefield 2 and the rest of the series and some Call of Duty, We have experience in lots of mmos but are currently full time with Planetside 2

Name: Sandra Oskarsson

Age: 24, born 1990

Occupation: Student, I’m studying the bachelor programme in Philosophy and Social analysis at Umeå University.

Family: Boyfriend and 2 cats, Misty and Pixel.

Location: Umeå, Sweden

Info: I’m a member of KAIN, and have been so for a long time, since almost the start of the outfit. KAIN is an New Conglomerate outfit on the Cobalt server. And sometimes I like to play to play other games aswell! 🙂