Mentor System

Joining KAIN might become the most important step in a player’s Planetside 2 career. With our mentoring system we provide every player who shows that he might need it with an assigned mentor. The mentor is responsible for the new players development in the first weeks within KAIN. Mentors help their trainees with picking the right equipment, basic squad strategies and help out with any question the trainee might have. As we are an international outfit with members from many different countries, we even try to pick a mentor who speaks the new members native language if that is possible for us.

Duty and responsibility of the trainee:

  • Make yourself at home in KAIN, do not be afraid to ask questions no matter how noob you might think they are.
  • Your trainer is your guide, if he makes a suggestion you should follow it and if you don’t make sure you tell him a good reason why, we all still learn everyday.
  • Follow orders when playing with the outfit, be on teamspeak and enjoy yourself.
  • After a while when you are comfortable with the game and think you have enough knowledge let it be known and we will let you be a mentor yourself if we think you are qualified enough.


Country: The Netherlands

Mentor since: 14 Nov 2014


Country: The Netherlands

Mentor since: 14 Nov 2014


Country: Slovakia

Mentor since: 14 Nov 2014


Country: United Kingdom

Mentor since: 16 Sep 2016


Country: United Kingdom

Mentor since: 18 Apr 2017


Country: Croatia

Mentor since: 20 Apr 2017


Country: France

Mentor since: 23 Apr 2017

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Duty and responsibility of the mentor:

  • As a mentor it is your job to make sure that our new recruits are well geared and up to par by the time they are ready to become a mentor themselves (graduate)
  • You will watch the recruits progress and give him advice about certing, gameplay, following
    orders etc.
  • If by chance you do not know the answer to your recruits question you redirect it to DADDY1986.
  • You make sure he watches any guides posted by fellow kain members which are found in the tips and guide section in this forum.
  • Above all you are tasked with making him feel welcome and not left out at any time but this goes for the other members who are not mentor asswell.