Hotfix 11-03-2015

Downtime start: 2pm CET

Performance Improvements:

  • Fixed a memory leak from physics contacts with certain static objects.
  • Various server performance improvements.

Balance and Combat:

  • Eclipse now has 30 round clips in both semi and full auto fire modes.
  • Quick knife should now hit more reliably, but can no longer headshot.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fixed a visual issue where Auraxium Infused Plating was clipping into the TR Medic character model.
  • Fixed a bug where newly created characters would not consume Implant energy.
  • Fixed an issue where personal shield did not regenerate on infantry if respawning in another zone after death.


  • The last of the Halloween base names have been removed. For real this time.
  • This hotfix will also include a grant for players that lost their Implant Energy during the 2/25 update.

Written by: Quarku

Just a simple family guy addicted to Planetside 2 :P

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