Honorary Members

Retired Leaders


20 April 2013 – 20 April 2018

Terrorbird is the only founder of KAIN still remaining in the outfit and an experienced squad- and platoonleader. He did and still does a lot of organisational work and management for the outfit. Terrorbird has also been responsible for most of the good relationships with other outfits and communities.



16 September 2016 – 16 September 2017

MaTaNzA86 took over DADDY’s leadership position in late 2016. Being known as a well respected and caring person within the community, the choice wasn’t hard to make.

 A somewhat stressful time had formed within the community at the time MaTaNzA86 took over. Which introduced him to the other less appealing side of being a leader relatively quickly. However he showed to be of great support, especially due to his caring nature. MaTaNzA has also been responsible for making structural improvements to the outfit. Patient and helpful as he is, we are grateful for MaTaNzA86 stepping up!

Due to increased real life commitments that come with raising a family, he made the decision to step down on the 16th of september 2017. Excactly one year after his promotion.



Late spring 2013 – September 2016

(Active again since: 20 April 2018)

DADDY1986 with his leading experience has been an essential member of the outfit ever since the merge to form KAIN. Formerly a member of the outfit CLST, he took over a leader role in KAIN pretty quickly  and became the main leader together with Terrorbird after all the other founding leaders of KAIN had left or stepped down in the first months of the merge. MrostkaSVK joined in later in 2013 and so 2 became 3 leaders. Under this leadership with DADDY taking on the main role the outfit’s structure changed dramatically with the goal of becoming more competitive and hardcore. Over the span of a few months KAIN became the top outfit on Cobalt NC for a very long time.

Originally DADDY had gained a lot of clanleading experience from his time playing “Pirates of the Burning Sea” prior to “Planetside 2”.

DADDY also invented the mentoring system we use to this day in helping to integrate new members into our community.

“DADDY1986 a.k.a. Mark has become a great friend and mentor to me over the past years and taught me a great deal about leading and managing a community. And he is still giving me loads of advice to this day. His influence to the outfit does not go unnoticed, even after stepping down.” ~ Terrorbird