Game Update 9th April

Downtime start: 3pm CEST

Flight Controls Changes

• To get an improved level of control when using a gamepad, some changes needed to be made to our base physics interpretation of inputs; for maintainability splitting at this level was not an option
• The bounded inputs (keyboard,gamepad) now respond in a more predictable and controllable fashion
• The mouse (unbounded) input is applied overtime to as-closely-as possible match what previously existed
• There will be subtle differences but they should be mostly unperceivable
• This does mean controller support for our PC flyers just got an upgrade and you should give it a try!

Valkyrie Balance

• Valkyrie resilience changes
• Valkyrie resistance to ESF nose cannons provided by composite armor is being made base line. Composite armor will no longer provide a bonus resistance against ESF nose cannons
• Base resistance to ESF nose cannons increased from 85 to 90%
• Composite armor no longer provides a bonus.
• Resistance to HEAT and AP is also being adjusted. These adjustments make the Valkyrie a little more resilient, similar to a Liberator
• Resistance to HEAT increased from 0 to 25%
• Resistance to AP increased from 25% to 35%

Hover Stability Airframe

• Doubled the improved hover effect. Max rank will now completely negate vertical descend.


• Needed to be a little better at its job. Blast damage increased so it takes 8 hits to kill infantry instead of 10 within the inner radius.
—-> Increased blast damage from 100 to 125

Pelter Rocket Pod

• The blast damage size on the Pelter is modeled after the banshee. Although it is not intended to be effective anti-personnel, this model is too harsh considering it also has a slow muzzle velocity and a smaller magazine. The blast damage is being remodeled to be part-way between an ESF rocket pod and the Banshee. This should add some versatility to the Pelter where it is more of a hybrid between the CAS-14 and Hellion.
—-> Inner blast damage increased from 100 to 200
—-> Inner blast radius increased from 0.35 to 0.75
—-> Outer blast radius size increased from 1 meter to 3 meters

Hellion G20

• The Hellion needs a small range increase.
—-> Cone of Fire reduced from 1.25 degrees to 1 degree
—-> Maximum damage range increased from 10 to 25
—-> Minimum damage range increased from 75 to 100

Instructional Events

• Some of the tutorial notifications will have VO
• A whole slew of new events have been added
—-> Terminals, friendly fire, grief levels, grouping, map screens, profile screens, resources
• Key reminders have been streamlined

NS-44L Blackhand

• With an extended barrel and integrated scope the NS-44L Blackhand provides significant advantages over similar pistols when engaging threats at longer ranges.

MAX Weapon Model Updates

• The following weapons now have new models:
—-> TR Mutilator
—-> TR Onslaught
—-> TR Mercy
—-> VS Cosmos
—-> VS Blueshift
—-> VS Nebula
—-> NC Grinder
—-> NC Mattock
—-> NC Hacksaw

Camo Coverage Changes

• Updated NC, TR, and VS textures to help with IFF issues. This update revolves around the camo mask and targeted areas on the character to show empire color. This is a work in progress so these edits may change in the future.

Player Studio Items

• Added a rack of decals
• Added a ton of helmets
• Added a wealth of vehicle cosmetics
• And just a smattering of camos


• Changed the impact FX for the Lancer and Vortex to something that does not contain an explosion since the weapons do not inflict blast damage.
• Smoke grenades have been adjusted to still have a tactical impact at lower graphics settings.
• Performance pass on 3rd person grenade launcher smoke trails.

Bug Fixes

• Fixing the Railjack so it does not have a camo applied to it by default
• Fixed claymores being incorrectly held when viewed in third person and in weapon select.
• Lowered the volume of heavy bullet impact audio (when inside a vehicle)
• Fixed missing string in some item descriptions.
• 1P & 3P: Crossbows: Forearm appears to over rotate when reloading
• 1P: Shield Regen Device: There is a slight stutter in the equip animation while sprinting
• Corrected the name of the Ordnance Helmet.
• 3P: Engineer: Character model is missing arms while using a turret
• 3P: Harasser is missing a panel on the bottom at the rear
• 3P: Hunter QCX: Character’s left hand does not grip the lock handle fully
• 3P: Left hand is twisted too much holding a forward grip in the relaxed stance and model preview
• Supernova-R PC for the Magrider now animates correctly
• 3P: NS-30 Vandal does not display the ammo clip falling out when reloading
• 3P: Praetorian Hood Ornament changes in size when moving the camera around the vehicle
• 3P: Switching through weapons makes character model change stance
• Fix a case where players could respawn in a reclined pose after being shot out of the rumble seat of a harasser.
• Auraxium C4 cost in now reduced by the Amerish lock benefit
• Fixed spawn point indicated on Map for Amerish High Roads Station.
• Backspace can be used to open the Map but not to close it
• Lightning and Flash brake lights will shine brightly once again
• Centralized HUD: Holding the spitfire turret when entering and exiting vehicle gunner positions causes icons to overlap
• Certain walls do not display bullethole decals or explosions
• Cloaking while firing causes cloak to automatically deactivate
• Decimator: 3P: Reload animation is out of sync
• Deployable Turrets: Weapon equip animation loops one time over after deploying the turret
• Esamir: Mattherson’s Triumph: Southwestern tower banners disappear at ~300m
• Female: SMG: Foregrip causes wrist to appear contorted
• The Flash passenger booty shake has been nerfed
• Footstep audio plays while jump jetting with Light Assault
• GUI Models appear to have twisted wrists when holding certain weapons
• Removed a default camo being applied to the Shovel Head Bumper on the Harasser
• Harasser: Rumble Tire Spikes: Parts of the wheel are gray
• Icikill fire rate is slightly lower than other non-activatable knives
• Incorrect bullet impact FX displays at the VR room building
• IRNV: Weapon is quickly displayed through scoping after ADS with IRNV equipped
• Laser Sight: Laser attachment is not in the correct location after logging out
• MAX units do not receive Objective Guard Bonus or Objective Defence/Attack Bonus XP
• Fixed an issue with the right arm reload animation not always playing in third person when a max reloads it.
• Medic: Deploying the Regen Shield while moving causes your weapon to pop
• NC: AF-4A Bandit: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
• NC: Infiltrator: Equipped armor decals are not visible on loadout character model for female characters
• NC: Sniper Rifles: Weapon type listed is Infantry Abilities instead of Sniper Rifle
• NC: Vanguard Deluxe Paneled Trim appears silver instead of gold on low graphics settings
• NS CandyCannon 3000’s projectile’s mesh FX are broken
• Players will sometimes switch from MAX to Light Assault when revived
• Revive functionality breaks if your corpse is hit by your own revive grenade
• Rumble Seats: Switching seats while reloading your weapon causes the ammo clip to detach
• Some vehicle attachments still use old, now missing textures
• Tech Plant air pad have two gaps that allow players to fall through unexpectedly
• TORQ-9 preview text is very small for having so much space
• Torq-9: 3P: Weapon is not held properly
• TR: HC1 Cougar: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
• TR: Light Assault: Armor: Auraxium Infused Plating is incorrectly attached for female character models
• TR: Light Assault: Armor: Composite Armor is incorrectly attached for female character models
• TR: Medic: Armor: Auraxium Infused Plating is floating for female characters
• TR: Medic: Armor: Auraxium Shoulder pads are missing for male characters
• TR: Prowler Deluxe Banded Trim is missing textures
• TR: Prowler: Proximity Radar attachment clips through Anchored Mode attachment when both are equipped
• TR: T4 AMP: Missing description text for the T4 AMP
• Tracking Bug: Bolt Action Rifles don’t have consistent chambering reload animations
• UI: Engineer AV and AI turrets show same fire rate and have “compare stats” option
• UI: Loadout Menu only displays function keys if accessed from an infantry terminal
• UI: Tab Screen: Connection Quality light overlaps with available ribbon bonuses while an alert is active
• UI: Vehicles Menu: Only function keys F1 through F6 can be used when all vehicles are displayed
• Underbarrel weapon reload animation is incorrect if disrupted during reload
• Valkyrie: Medic’s model is jittery / shaking when using the medical applicator on a passenger
• VR Training: NC Crossing Decal cannot be selected
• VS Auraxium shaders appear pink the majority of the time
• VS Max Lumifiber: GUI model does not display shoulder lights with camo equipped
• VS: 2 Year Anniversary Camo is missing teal portions on the player’s helmet/weapon
• VS: Heavy Assault: Composite Armor: Female characters are missing leg pieces
• VS: Infiltrator: Lumifiber Armor: Groin piece is stretched
• VS: Parallax VX3: Optic: Mach-10 (10x) scope uses the Mach-12 2D icon
• VS: Zenith VX-5: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
• NC: Hard Light Helmet: Nose clips through holographic part of the helmet from the side for female character
• Valkyrie: Lumifiber stops displaying from 22 meters away from the Valkyrie
• Galaxy Razor and Viper fin exterior add ons do not display camo texture
• Harasser composite armor displays inconsistent light grey panels
• Destroyed base turret does not render beyond 70-90 meters

Written by: Quarku

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