About KAIN

KAIN was founded by the merge of three former cobalt outfits (301, CLST, GIGA). This merge created a core-group of experienced players that have been around since launch. As time went by players joined and left but a core group of experienced players stayed with KAIN which allowed the outfit to provide its members with high level squad and platoon leaders.

Current Outfit Structure:
KAIN utilizes 5 ranks in the game.

  • [Leader] KAIN has 3 leaders at all times. They are veterans of the community and make the calls together, nobody else. The current leaders are: DADDY1986, MrostkaSVK and Wolverane. 
  • [Squadleader] KAIN has established a “squad leader” rank for members who are found capable to lead a squad or even a small platoon. They can be seen as officers within the community.  Squadleaders are welcome to join the officer meeting hosted every month.
  • [Mentor] A mentor is an experienced member who actively mentors newcomers to the outfit and oversees their progress in the outfit. The assigned mentor also decides when a trainee is promoted. For more info see “Mentoring System” below.
  • [Member] Everyone that is part of this community after their trial phase is a member. Old or new, they all have the same rights and responsibilites. Respect for one another is key.
  • [Trainee] Anyone that applies and gets accepted in KAIN starts off as a trainee with an assigned mentor. This period mostly takes between 1-4 weeks and is designed to see whether a new member fits in with the outfit based on attitude, skill and whether he/she likes it here.

Although this might seem like a strictly hierarchal system every members opinion will be taken seriously but in the end there has to be someone who makes a decision, and therefore these ranks are needed.

Mentoring System:
Joining KAIN might become the most important step in a player’s Planetside 2 career. With our mentoring system we provide every player who shows that he might need it with an assigned mentor. The mentor is responsible for the new players development in the first weeks within KAIN. Mentors help their trainees with picking the right equipment, basic squad strategies and help out with any question the trainee might have. As we are an international outfit with members from many different countries, we even try to pick a mentor who speaks the new members native language if that is possible for us.

KAIN Play-style:
As KAIN is a relatively small outfit we rarely field a full platoon and do not often make our platoons public, as this does not allow us to do what we do best, which is rapid response infantry gameplay. Switching lattice lanes, or even the faction we fight, is a common occurrence in our daily squadplay. KAIN tries to have an impact on the battlefield with inferior numbers, this is usually achieved by taking key positions within a fight like control points, flanking armor/air zergs or taking out enemy spawns like sunderers and galaxies. We strive to allways think a step ahead.

KAIN Code Of Conduct:
To stay at the level we are right now, KAIN enforces some rules on its members that took us to where we are now and have to be followed by all members. You can find those rules here.

If you like what you just read, can handle the code of conduct and you are looking for a Planetside 2 outfit to have a good time with, we run both serious and casual squads, check out our recruitment page and apply today. We will usually get back to you with a response within a day.

KAIN Meetups:
We hold a real-life meetup in summer (July/August) every year.

KAIN Leadership

MrostkaSVK (Since: Summer 2013)

MrostkaSVK is a longterm leader and experienced platoonleader within KAIN, most of the rather interesting strategies we come up with on the spot come from his direction. Mrostka has allways been an essential part of the leadership. A neutral and decisive factor in most of the decisions made. When shit gets tense, he stays calm. When you are struggling with personal problems, he’s allways there to listen and give advice.

Wolverane (Since: 16 Sep 2017)

Wolverane took over for MaTaNzA86 in September of 2017. As Wolverane took it upon himself to step up his contribution to the outfit in terms of squadleading and other supportive roles like mentoring, it was only fit for him to become leader after MaTaNzA86 stepped down. Wolverane has gained a lot of squad- and platoonleading experience over a short time and has also been part of the creation and success of the “Operation CERTS” concept.

DADDY1986 (Since: 20 Apr 2018)

DADDY1986 with his leading experience has allways been a key member and leader of the outfit ever since the merge to form KAIN. Daddy formely was a leader from 2013 till 2016 but had to step down due to real life commitments. Since the 5 year KAIN anniversary he has taken back his role as leader, replacing Terrorbird.